SISB Suvarnabhumi: Primary 3 Residential Trip to Farm De Lek, Nakhon Nayok and SISB PU Boarding

From Feb 26-27, our enthusiastic Primary 3 Love and Joy students embarked on an enriching Residential Trip to Farm De Lek and PU Boarding. This trip aimed to foster connections with the world beyond the classroom while providing opportunities to apply learned knowledge in practical scenarios.

Throughout the trip, students actively engaged in different activities designed to broaden their horizons. They explored the intricacies of environmental sustainability by visiting the recycling centre and herb garden, gaining first hand insight into ecological practices. Additionally, the students enthusiastically participated in tie-dye workshops, adding a creative dimension to their learning experience.

The adventure continued with exciting kayaking and zip-line activities, allowing students to embrace challenges and expand their comfort zones. These carefully planned activities were not only enjoyable but also aimed at nurturing open-mindedness and fostering reflection on personal and collective responsibilities towards the environment.

This Residential Trip served as a platform for our students’ holistic growth, empowering them to embrace new experiences, cultivate empathy, and become responsible stewards of their surroundings.

Well done. Primary 3 students!

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Singapore International School of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi

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