SISB Suvarnabhumi: P1 Experience Day for K2 Students

On March 20 and 21, K2 students of SISB Suvarnabhumi took part in the activity-based Primary 1 Experience Day. The day was exciting and stimulating and it will help to prepare the K2 students for the next stage of their educational journey. Through a range of engaging activities, the students explored what it is like to be a Primary 1 student. During the day, there were fun and interactive learning experiences and the K2 students had the opportunity to delve into subjects such as Thai, ICT, Math, Science, Drama, Chinese, and English with the school’s primary teachers. Not only is Experience Day an excellent way for kindergarten students to prepare themselves for Primary 1, but it allows students to acquire new skills, develop their creativity and imagination, and have fun with their friends. The K2 students are certainly and eagerly anticipating what Primary 1 has in store for them!

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