SISB Suvarnabhumi: NK Summer 2023

🏞️ Get your binoculars ready. We are going on a SISB NK “Little Explorers” summer camp journey! With the sun shining and summer vibes in full swing, our NK learners had an incredible time at camp, immersing themselves in a word of discovery from July 3-20, 2023.

🔍 The NK summer camp aimed to ignite students’ curiosity and encourage them to venture beyond their comfort zones. We focused on exploring our large and small communities and the interconnections that unite us. It was an enriching experience for our students as they played, learnt, and grew in various classes, including Chinese, English, music and movement, sports, and so much more!

🎉 On the final day of camp, students captivated the audience’s hearts by singing and dancing in the end-of-summer mini-performance show. Each NK level expressed their inner entertainer and did a remarkable job. To wrap up our summer exploration, we engaged in fun-filled games, making sure everyone left with big smiles on their faces.

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