SISB Suvarnabhumi: Music in the Park – NK(2)

On Monday, March 20, 2023, SISB Suvarnabhumi NK students participated in SV’s second annual Music in the Park. The objective of this event was to expose the students to different experiences so they can grow holistically and with confidence. The students put on a great performance and demonstrated their musical skills by singing and playing the piano and other musical instruments in front of an audience.

Music contains melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic elements which one can make with one musical instrument or a few. Even the natural world has its own lovely music. The sound of rain, the sound of the river flowing, and the sound of the rustling leaves all have a lovely musical character. We all love music. It is our constant companion in both happiness and sorrow and it has the power to bring individuals from various backgrounds together and to instantly lift our mood and make us more positive and happy.

Everyone who participated in Music in the Park appreciated and enjoyed themselves while watching the various presentations. Congratulations to everyone who participated!

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