SISB Suvarnabhumi: Kindergarten Project-Based Learning(PBL) – Love Wildlife

On Feb 27, the SISB Suvarnabhumi Kindergarten students had an amazing start to kick off the Project-based learning month. They hopped right into the captivating world of wild animals!

We want to give a huge thank you to the Love Wildlife Foundation for gracing us with their presence and enlightening us about the wonders of Thailand’s wildlife.

Their insightful presentation not only shed light on how animals adapt but also showcased their incredible ability to camouflage, truly highlighting nature’s genius! From the elusive slow loris to the majestic tapir, our students went on an adventure, learning about these fascinating creatures and their habitats.

The interactive activities, including ‘find the hiding animal’ and a camouflaged coloring session, added an extra layer of fun and learning. We’re immensely grateful to the Love Wildlife Foundation for their dedication to wildlife conservation and education. Thank you for inspiring us to appreciate and protect our natural world!

To learn more about the foundation you can check out their website:

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