SISB Suvarnabhumi: Kindergarten 2 Field Trip

Our lovely K2 students had their first field trip this year to Wat Luang Pho Toh in the morning of Feb 17, 2023. They were so excited and happy. They all arrived on time wearing their PE uniforms, hats, and carrying small bags. The parents sent some offerings to the monks, which the students offered during the prayer ceremony in the temple. The monk gave a meaningful talk to the students, focusing on good behaviour and Thai values. After the session with the monks, the teachers and students had the chance to tour the temple, and the monks explained why and how each area in the temple was built. The students were able to offer flowers to the Buddha and also lit candles as part of their prayer ritual. Everyone returned to school in time for lunch. It was indeed a fruitful day for our energetic K2 students!

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