SISB Suvarnabhumi: Hippo Initial, English Competition

The staff of SISB Suvarnabhumi would like to extend their heartfelt congratulations to the 24 students from SISB SV who participated in the 2023 International English Language Olympiad Preliminary Round. The Hippo English Without Borders preliminary round was held on April 19, 2023, at SV campus. The competition proved to be a rigorous test of the students’ reading and English skills, and the school community is incredibly proud of all the students who took part. The SISB Suvarnabhumi faculty would like to extend special congratulations to the following students for successfully completing the preliminary round.

P1: Famous, Mina, Hao Hao, Pumpkin, Pongwu, Phon, YiYi, Mikaela, Burton, Andria
P2: Rome, Carrie, Tiger, Sean
P3: Malody, HIm, Ing, Minta
P4: Seven
P5: Fei Fei, Charmi, Ponton, Ai
P6: Baicha

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