SISB Suvarnabhumi: Earth Day Celebration in NK

Earth Day is an important day for SISB Suvarnabhumi students as it reminds them about the need to care for our planet. It is also a great opportunity for the students to understand the impact of human activities on the environment and the importance of preserving natural resources.

Many fun activities have been prepared by the teachers to make the day meaningful for the learners. One exciting activity for Earth Day was “Nature walk”. Teachers took the students outside to explore their surroundings and appreciate the natural beauty of the world. During the walk, the teachers talked about different plants and animals and how they contributed to the ecosystem. The ways to protect these natural resources were also explained to our young learners.

One of the highlights of this fun activity was seed planting. Teachers were able to help our curious learners by showing and letting them plant seeds. The students enjoyed digging, sowing, and watering their newly planted seedlings. The teachers also encouraged the students to use recycled materials in their craft making to help them understand the importance of the 3Rs of recycling (Reduce,Reuse and Recycle). And, to ensure our community is actively working towards being global citizens as well as focusing on reducing waste, the families also joined this activity by donating recycled materials to Precious Plastic.

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