SISB Suvarnabhumi: Chinese New Year Celebration – Primary

On Jan 18, 2023, SISB Suvarnabhumi held a grand Spring Festival event on the campus. Parents were invited to join along with teachers and students for the morning festivities which commenced with the traditional, wonderful, and exciting Dragon and Lion Dance. The performance was dynamic and it was met with a resounding audience reception. The dance was followed by students performing songs, dances, and drama, giving students an opportunity to demonstrate their excellent Chinese proficiency and understanding of Chinese culture. During the festival, students also learnt to make a variety of handicrafts, providing students with a deepened understanding of the Spring Festival and raising awareness of global citizenship. In the afternoon, students enjoyed watching Chinese movies and at the end of the school day, Principal Irene, accompanied by the Spring Festival mascot, visited each classroom to wish teachers and students a happy Chinese New Year and to hand out Lucky Bags!

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