SISB Suvarnabhumi: Chinese Competition Awards Presentation

SISB Suvarnabhumi students participated in the Second Chinese Bridge—Chinese Show for Foreign Primary School Students 2022 (汉语桥世界小学生中文秀) which ended on July 10th, 2022. There were 241 students from 63 primary schools in Thailand participating in the competition. During morning assembly on November 23rd, 2022, Principal Irene awarded certificates and prizes to those students who gained outstanding awards and were in the top 100 in Thailand.

The entire SISB SV school community would like to congratulate all the winners and their parents as well as the 30 participating students and their parents. The SISB community can also take pride in our amazing Chinese teachers, who, through their efforts in this competition, have been recognised with the Outstanding School Award for Singapore International School Suvarnabhumi.

Outstanding Awards
Ben, P5 Love : Second Prize Category (二等奖)
Kate, P6 Love : Third Prize Category (三等奖)
Triton, P4 Love : The Best Popularity Award (最佳人气奖)
Ai, P5 Love : The excellence award for the calligraphy and painting group
Almond, P4 Love : The excellence award for the dance and martial arts group

Top 100 in Thailand
Nato, P4 Love
Ton, P5 Love
Napat, P4 Love
Copter, P4 Love
Baicha, P6 Love

Outstanding Organization by School Award for Singapore International of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi

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