SISB Suvarnabhumi: Author Visit “Nawal Kalra”

Spotlight on the author’s visit!

On Feb 7, 2024, SISB Suvarnabhumi students were lucky to have a visit from Ms. Nawal Kalra and listen to her delightful stories. Ms Nawal Kalra has authored children’s books that feature animals, rhymes and a teachable moment or two.

The children enjoyed her stories and had so much fun participating in the different workshops and activities she prepared for them. N1 and N2 students showed off their creativity and artistic skills in giving color to their grumpy sloths! K1 and K2 students shared great ideas and showcased their imagination in creating their class’s bear character. The primary students brought out the author within themselves by developing their characters and composing their own stories.

The visit ended with a book signing event at the end of their storytelling session and during pick-up time at the front gate.

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Singapore International School of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi

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