SISB Suvarnabhumi: Art Exhibition

Singapore International School Suvarnabhumi had its annual Art Exhibition on Feb 17, 2023, where students could display their artwork to their parents, teachers, and friends. The students were very excited to showcase their creative skills and to see the artwork made by their peers.

The displays included a wide range of art forms, such as drawings, paintings, paper art, interactive art, and 3-D artworks.

This year, the older students had a chance to work with “terracotta” or “earthenware” clay (a type of clay that needs to be fired in a kiln to achieve strength and water resistance, allowing it to reach its optimal properties), creating pottery and sculptures that demonstrated their skills in creating 3-D artworks. They also had the opportunity to create stencils for their t-shirt and tote bag printing. Stencil making is the process of creating a design or pattern by cutting onto a thin material such as paper or plastic. The resulting stencil can then be used to transfer the design onto a surface, such as a t-shirt or a tote bag.

After the exhibition, the students were asked to think about what they learnt and how they felt about making art. They wrote about their thoughts and feelings, which helped them to reflect on the significance of art in their lives.

Overall, the Art Exhibition was a great success. The students had a lot of fun, and they got to express themselves through art. Congratulations to all the students for doing an amazing job!

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