SISB Suvarnabhumi: 2023 Global Chinese Recitation Competition

SISB Suvarnabhumi students participated in the Global Chinese Recitation Competition 2023 (2023 第六届全球华语朗诵大赛) which ended in June 2023. More than 200 students from 60 primary schools in Thailand participated in the competition. On Aug 12, 2023, during morning assembly, Assistant Principal Peyman awarded certificates to the students and teacher who gained the Outstanding Performance Awards (优秀奖).

The entire SISB SV school community would like to congratulate Tanya and Melody, from P4 Love, who won the Outstanding Performance Awards (top 10 for the Pre-Junior Group in Thailand), as well as the other 13 participating students and their parents. The SISB community can also take great pride in our amazing Chinese teachers. Additionally, T. Deng received the Excellent Instructor Award.

Outstanding Performance Awards
Tanya – Wenran Xie P4 《和平颂》
Melody – Maylody Loetamphan P4 《和平之歌》

Participants for Pre-Junior Group
Burton – Pothao Chantakorn 《 和平颂 》
Viva – Vipa Wiratworapong 《 和平颂 》
Pumpkin – Nhue Nghi Huang 《 和平的愿望 》
Fen Fen – Fen Wang 《 和平的名字 》
Luoyao Zhang 《 爸爸的臂膀 》
Mon – Kamonpan Srisantisuk《 和平颂 》

Participants for Junior Group
Anut Arnanukarn 《唐音华韵展露风采,四海五洲颂扬和平》

The 9th in Popular Award for the Pre-Junior Group with 24524 votes
Warene Thangtuw 《 和平颂 》
Charmi – Charminya Fernando 《和平的名字》
Chenxi Deng 《给未来一片绿色》
Pixel – Settapun Pakvisal 《和平的名字》
Phakhin Cai 《展翅翱翔吧,和平鸽》
Yongyong – Preedapa Vijitkhajee 《和平的名字》

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Global Chinese Recitation Competition

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