SISB Suvarnabhumi: 2022 Global Chinese Youth Music Instrument Exhibition

SISB Suvarnabhumi students participated in the Global Chinese youth instrumental music Exhibition 2022 (2022 全球华裔青少年器乐展) which ended in October of 2022. More than 100 students from 30 primary schools in Thailand participated in the performance. On January 12th, 2023, during morning assembly, Principal Irene presented certificates to the students and teacher who gained the bronze prize and Excellent Performance Awards.

The entire SISB SV school community would like to congratulate Khun, from P4 Love, who won the Bronze Award, Khun’s parents, as well as the other 14 participating students and their parents. The SISB community can also take great pride in our amazing Chinese teachers. Through their efforts in this performance, they have been recognised with the Best School Organisation Award for Singapore International School of Bangkok. Additionaly, T. Liu Yang received the Excellence Instructor Award.

Outstanding Awards
Khun, P4 Love : Bronze Prize (铜奖) – Guitar “ 好想你”
”好想你“ – Guitar by Khun P4

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