SISB Pracha Uthit: Wai Kru Day: Sept 7, 2023

SISB Commemorates Wai Kru Day: Sept 7 was a day filled with reverence, gratitude, and tradition as students from Nursery-Kindergarten, Primary and Sixth Form came together for our annual Wai Khru Ceremony. Wai Khru is a traditional Thai ceremony for students to show respect to their teachers. It was an incredible experience to witness our students and teachers unite in honouring knowledge and wisdom. The atmosphere was brimming with respect and appreciation. Students presented their teachers with their own beautifully made flower arrangements and performed the song “Phra-Khun-Thi-Sam”. In return, teachers provided blessings and words of encouragement to the students. The Wai Khru tradition continues to strengthen our bond and values. The ceremony was also an excellent opportunity for students to learn how to become Global Citizens by being open-minded and caring about local and international cultures.

Thank you to everyone who participated and made this ceremony unforgettable. Let’s carry this spirit of respect and learning with us throughout the year!

For more wonderful pictures, please click here.

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