SISB Pracha Uthit: The Fourth Year Prefects Bake Sale

In its fourth year, the Prefects Bake Sale was a tremendous success. The Prefects learnt invaluable skills during the event, particularly in running a small business: From preparing food items to engaging with student/teacher-customers and computing their total sales, they gained hands-on experience in various aspects of entrepreneurship.

Beyond being a fundraising event, the bake sale served as a wonderful life lesson for our prefects, helping them develop organisational skills, collaboration, and public relations. The support of the whole SISB Pracha Uthit community not only enabled the Prefects to acquire these essential skills but also contributed to the success of our community project involving the Nakhon Nayok Special Education Centre in support of its mission of helping the community. Thank you, SISB Family, for being an integral part of our Prefects’ journey.

Watermark resize 20240326 Prefects Bake Sale
Watermark resize 20240326 Prefects Bake Sale 9

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