SISB Pracha Uthit: SISB’s FOBISIA Art Competition win

We are proud to announce SISB’s first FOBISIA Art Competition win ever! Seven SISB Pracha Uthit students participated in FOBISIA’s drawing competition this year: “Spaces in Perspective” held amongst 31 international schools with 291 art pieces as entries.

The first place winner in the Primary 6 Category, beating all other entries from other international schools is 😀 ;D from Primary 6 Joy.

Furthermore, another artwork by :D;D has also triumphed as the standout art piece among all Primary 6 Level entries for this year’s Inter-Campus Residential Trip T-shirt Design Competition.

Joining :D;D during the awards presentation in school were the following finalists who also represented the SISB Pracha Uthit Campus in these two annual art competitions:

FOBISIA Art Competition Finalists:
Pim Pim,
P5 Love Isa,
P5 Joy Mimi,
P5 Faith Sky,
P5 Hope Mesa,
P6 Love Namkhaeng,
P6 Faith

Residential T-Shirt Design Finalists:
Geda, Primary 3 Faith Proud,
Primary 4 Peace Aing Aing,
Primary 5 Peace

Congratulations to :D;D and all the finalists for their exceptional work that speaks volumes about the SISB’s commitment to fostering holistic education that encourages creativity and collaboration among its diverse school community.

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For more wonderful pictures, please click here.

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