SISB Pracha Uthit: P2 students field trip to Suan Sampran

On Oct 17, P2 students went on an exciting field trip to Suan Sampran. Students experienced eight different Thai cultural activities throughout the day. One of the most memorable activity was making jelly from natural colours and banana pudding. Not only was it fun to do, the students also got to eat these delicious desserts at the end of their meal! Natural 10-pin bowling was also a popular activity, as students used empty coconuts as balls whilst sugarcane stalks were great substitutes for pins. The students also participated in a common Thai activity – rice farming. Everyone went knee-deep in muddy waters and planted rice in these little paddy fields. That is something the students do not get to do very often in Bangkok! This field trip exposed the P2 students to various Thai cultural activities and also gave them the opportunity to bond with their classmates.

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