SISB Pracha Uthit: HKU Academy for the Talented Program.

We are thrilled to announce and celebrate the remarkable achievement of 16 talented SISB students who have been nominated for the prestigious HKU (Hong Kong University) Academy for the Talented Programme. The event took place on Oct 7 at the Shangri-La Bangkok.

The HKU Academy for the Talented is a showcase of the brightest young minds from across the region. It provides a unique opportunity for students to exhibit their talents, exchange ideas, and learn from their peers. Our students showcased their exceptional skills and talents, impressing the judges and earning their nominations.

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the following students:

1. Arunrat Suwanvoradit (Meiji)
2. Kanrawee Witoonchart (Wee)
3. Tirada Sivasontivat (Keen)
4. Junxian Li (Philips)
5. Yuting Wang (Camila)
6. Tanyaluk Rawephatsopon (Pleng)
7. Li Shen Mo (Harvey)
8. Promapa Thancharoenkit (Ming)
9. Jaruluck Suwanvoradit (Moji)
10. Natapol Limsatiranun (Moshi)
11. Pitchaya Rachatatevin (Jier)
12. Phawat Ratanaruangrai (Jean)
13. Attaya Nontiwantok (Creme)
14. Nannaphin Pongphatarothai (Jesse)
15. Kornchanok Suthichitranont (Mirka)
16. Chayut Suthichitranont (Gui-Shen)

Their exceptional talents and achievements are an inspiration to us all. We would like to express our gratitude to the parents and teachers who have supported these students on their journey to success. As a school, we are proud of them and are excited to see them continue to reach new heights. We will continue to support and nurture their talents, as they are the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

Once again, congratulations to our talented students, and we look forward to hearing about their future achievements!

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