SISB Pracha Uthit: Annual Primary Art Exhibition

We are thrilled to share the wonderful success of our Annual Primary Art Exhibition, showcasing the incredible talents of our young artists from Term 1 to Term 2. 🖌️

From mesmerising paintings to imaginative sculptures, this exhibition features the very best of our students’ artwork, capturing their creativity and passion for the arts. 🌟 And let’s not forget the award-winning pieces that have brought immense pride to our school in the last two terms: 😀 ;D of P6 Joy winning “Spaces In Perspective” in the FOBISIA Art Contest and the artwork of P4 Love’s Ailin Lin, winning in the Space Foundation International Art Contest in the USA. 🏆

The grand opening was a vibrant affair, filled with enthusiastic students, supportive principals, and our dedicated Art teachers who have worked tirelessly throughout the school year. Their commitment and passion have truly shone through in every masterpiece on display. 🌟💖 We couldn’t be more proud of our talented artists and the incredible strides they’ve made in their artistic journey. 🎉 Let’s continue to nurture their creativity and inspire even greater achievements in the future! 💫

Art 5
Art 9
Art 14
Art 14

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