SISB Pracha Uthit: 🌟 Kindergarten 2 Field Trip Highlights! 💖

As our Term 1 Project-Based Learning unit comes to a close, our little explorers from Kindergarten 2 embarked on a heartwarming journey to the Duang Prateep Foundation, spreading joy and creating beautiful memories!

🕺💃 Dancing, singing, and laughter filled the air as SISB students connected with the incredible students at Duang Prateep. Together, they shared moments of happiness and friendship, and made memories that will endure for years to come.

🎄🎁 But the magic didn’t stop there! Our thoughtful students, with the support of their amazing families and dedicated teachers, prepared Christmas Shoeboxes filled with love and goodies. Our students joyfully handed over these festive boxes, knowing they’ll bring smiles and warmth to the hearts of the Duang Prateep community.

🌍Throughout the unit, NK students learnt valuable lessons about global citizenship, empathy, and the true spirit of giving. Let’s continue inspiring kindness and making a positive impact in the lives of others. Together, we can make the world a brighter place!

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