SISB Nonthaburi: Upper Primary English

P3 and P4 students at SISB Nonthaburi recently completed a fun and enjoyable unit centred around the popular children’s book, The Enormous Crocodile, written by Roald Dahl.

To begin, the students summarised the book, highlighting the key events and characters in the story. They demonstrated a good understanding of the plot and were able to explain it in their own words.

Next, the students described the characters in the story, using lots of new adjectives to make their descriptions more interesting and engaging. They were able to identify the different traits and personalities of each character, showing a good understanding of the different roles they played in the story.

The students then analysed the way the crocodile tried (and ultimately failed) to trick the children in the story. They were able to identify the different tactics that the crocodile employed in his attempts to trick the children and discussed why these attempts were unsuccessful.

In the final part of the unit, the students wrote their own new last chapter of the book, in which they invented their own trick for the crocodile to play. They went through the writing process, brainstorming their ideas, writing a first draft, and then refining and editing their work until they had a final draft that they were proud of. This activity encouraged the students to think creatively and to engage with the story in a more imaginative way.

Finally, the students worked in groups to create a large crocodile display poster. This activity allowed the students to work collaboratively, developing their teamwork skills and encouraging them to be creative in their presentation of the story’s key elements.

Overall, this unit was a great success, providing the students with an opportunity to explore the various elements of the story in a fun and engaging way.

Our students were able to develop their vocabularies, to show their creativity and to practise the writing process. Our students look forward to reading more stories in English and producing more great work.

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