SISB Nonthaburi: sparkled with the joy of Loy Kratong! 🌕✨

🌟 Today, SISB Nonthaburi sparkled with the joy of Loy Kratong! 🌕✨ Little ones donned traditional Thai attire, their eyes wide with excitement as they crafted exquisite krathongs with tiny hands.

Laughter echoed as each krathong gently floated, carrying the wishes and dreams of our tiniest scholars. Teachers guided them through this cultural journey, fostering an early understanding of gratitude and harmony with nature. Students also engaged in traditional Thai songs, dance and activties. Today wasn’t just an event; it was a tapestry of cultural exploration, creativity, and shared joy.

Our nursery kindergarten, a haven of learning and love, continues to create magical memories for our little ones. 🌺🕊️

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