SISB Nonthaburi: Lower Primary Science

Welcome to SISB Nonthaburi’s science class for P1 and P2 students! Our young learners have been studying materials, textures and colours and have been using their natural curiosity to explore the world around them.

On a lovely, sunny Friday morning, our young scientists went outside on a colour hunt to observe and discover different colours in their environment. Armed with a variety of tools and materials, including colour charts and pencils, the students searched for various hues in their surroundings. They found many interesting colours, from bright greens and blues to soft pinks and purples.

Back in the classroom, the students were excited to share their findings and recorded what they had discovered in a classroom activity. They used their observation skills to describe the textures of objects and the various colours they had found, showing that they were not only curious but also good thinkers.

This activity also allowed our students to display SISB learner profiles, particularly being inquirers and thinkers. By asking questions and thinking critically about the world around them, our students were able to discover new things and deepen their understanding of materials and textures.

Our P1 and P2 science class provides an exciting and engaging learning experience for our students. By exploring materials and textures, and going on a colour hunt, our young scientists have shown that they are curious, creative, and thoughtful learners. We look forward to seeing what else they discover in the world of science!

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