SISB Nonthaburi: Learning Chinese

At SISB Schools, Chinese is a compulsory subject that further develops students’ linguistic skills to make them truly tri-lingual global citizens. Our team of experienced Chinese teachers make learning Chinese fun using the Singaporean curriculum and the latest online platforms that boost students’ interest and skills.

Writing can be one of the more challenging aspects of studying Chinese. Our teachers are always encouraging students to practise writing Chinese characters from an early age. While Chinese is often written with a pen, using a brush and calligraphy sheets makes the exercise both more traditional but also much more fun and engaging.

Students work on two levels of sheets as the writing skills develop. Our aim is that students will become competent and confident Chinese speakers so that by the end of their time in SISB, the world is at their feet! #SISB #InternationalSchool #Holistic #nonthaburi #chinese #Language #Trilingual

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