SISB Nonthaburi Celebrates Wai Khru Day 2023

On Sept 21, SISB Nonthaburi observed the cherished tradition of Wai Khru Day, a time-honoured Thai ceremony dedicated to expressing gratitude and respect to our esteemed teachers. Leading up to this special occasion, our diligent students poured their hearts into crafting beautiful flower trays and cones known as “Paan Wai Khru” and “Gruay Dok Mai.”

The ceremony commenced with the stirring rendition of the King’s Anthem and the solemn lighting of incense performed by Ajarn Phuriwat. Students then recited the heartfelt poem “Bod Suad Wai Khru” before presenting their meticulously prepared flower trays to the members of the senior management team on the stage. In a touching moment, our youngest learners from Nursery-Kindergarten joined the stage to pay their heartfelt respects to their teachers.

Following this heartwarming gesture, students delivered speeches in English, Chinese, and Thai, showcasing the linguistic ability of our school community. Subsequently, Primary and Secondary students, one by one, approached the stage to convey their heartfelt appreciation to all their teachers and offer them the symbolic flower cones. The ceremony culminated in a heartwarming rendition of “Pra Khun Thi Sam,” a beloved Thai song that celebrates the invaluable role that teachers play in our lives.

Wai Khru is an immensely significant and cherished Thai tradition, providing an invaluable opportunity for students to express their profound appreciation for the guidance and support bestowed upon them by their teachers. It also serves as a moment for educators to reflect on their pivotal role in shaping the future of their students.

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