SISB Nonthaburi : 🌟 Spectacular Success! 🏐

Hey everyone! 🎉 Our Sixth Form students are absolutely killing it on the volleyball court this term! 🙌 For many of them, it’s their first dive into the world of volleyball, and they’re loving every second of it! 🏐💥

2024.03.22 sixth form PE 6

We’ve been blown away by the fantastic turnout at our new Wednesday lunchtime volleyball sessions! 🥳 It’s awesome to see so many students getting involved and having a blast!

2024.03.22 sixth form PE 3

To celebrate this newfound passion, we’re gearing up for an epic volleyball exhibition match on April 2! 🗓️ Get ready to witness some seriously impressive serves and rallies! 🏐💪

2024.03.22 sixth form PE 2
2024.03.22 sixth form PE

Stay tuned for updates on the formation of our future Sixth Form volleyball team! 🌟 Let’s keep the momentum going and continue to spike it up together! 🔥 🏐

2024.03.22 sixth form PE 4

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