SISB Nonthaburi : 🌟 Grade 7 LEP (Local Education Programme)Triumph! 🎉🌍✨

We are thrilled to share that the Grade 7 LEP journey has wrapped up, brimming with unforgettable moments! 🏞️💫 📆 Return Date: Nov 24

After an enriching journey of learning and cultural exchange, our incredible Grade 7 students are back home! 🏡👏 To commemorate this special occasion, we’ve put together a heartwarming video capturing some of the highlights from their adventure. 🤗 Thank You:

Huge thanks to parents, teachers, and contributors for making this journey a success. Your support is invaluable! Here’s to the Grade 7 students – welcome back and congrats on an amazing LEP adventure! 🌈🎓

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