SISB Merlion Swim Meet 2023

The 1st SISB Merlion Swim Meet took place on June 24, 2023 at our outstanding facilities at SISB Nonthaburi campus. It was such a fantastic event with 10 teams and 400 swimmers competing throughout the day. Our Merlion Swim Team participated with 91 swimmers, showing the success of the swimming programme at SISB Schools, and won many trophies and medals. The event had it all, outstanding swimming performances, great sportsmanship and team spirit, fun atmosphere and very nice food and souvenirs. At the end of the day, our team got an overall 3rd position. What an amazing way to end this Academic Year’s swimming season! Congratulations to all SISB Swimmers! We hope to see you all at the pool next term!

SISB individual achievements:
🏆 8 & under boys – Pin Pin (PU) 2nd Place
🏆 8 & under girls – Yuri (TR) 1st Place – Risa (TR) 3rd Place
🏆 9-10 year old girls – Pammy (PU) 1st Place
🏆 11-12 year old boys – Peak (PU) 1st Place
🏆 11-12 year old girls – KK (CM) 1st Place
🏆 13-14 year old boys – Ryu (PU) 1st Place
🏆 15 & over boys – Jue (PU) 2nd Place – Jier (PU) 3rd Place

For more wonderful pictures, please click here.

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