School Board Chairman congratulates SISB gymnasts for their outstanding achievements

A huge Congratulations to our SISB gymnasts for their outstanding performance at the Physical Education Gymnastics competition held by the Department of Physical education on 13-17 September 2022 at Nimibutr Stadium Bangkok.

1. Valunrus Sittiverakul (Vava) G9 Haydn
Gold Medal and Outstanding Athlete Trophy

2. Praewa Misato Philaphandeth (Prae) G12 Gryphon
Rhythmic Gymnastics age 16 years and above
Athlete Trophy
4 Gold Medals: Individual all around, Ball, Clubs, Ribbon
1 Bronze Medal: Hoop

3. Jojo Tawinun (Mulan) P5 Love
1 Silver medal: Ball
1 Bronze medal: Hoop

4. Sikharee​ Sutthiragsa​ (Sandee) G9 Haydn
5th​ Individual​ all​ around
4th​ Ribbon
6th​ Hoop
6th​ Ball

5. Khanyapatch Lojanagosin (Ing Ing) P5 Love
8th clubs

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