PU Math & Science Awards

🎉 Congratulations to our students who have achieved outstanding awards in various Maths and Science competitions!

1) Vanda Science Competition 2022
Vanda is an International Science Competition held annually around the globe for students from Primary 3 to Secondary 4. It follows the Singapore School Science Syllabus with a focus on higher order thinking skills. Vanda ignites students’ hidden passion for science! Vanda provides a range of interesting content in questions to spark their curiosity and encourages them to venture deeper into the world of science.

Bronze Award : Jeda Jesdpiyawong (Jeda) 4 Love, Natee Kiatdechpanya (Dylan) 6 Peace Silver Award : Akkarawin Wang (Anchin) 6 Joy

2) SIMOC 2022
Worawat Omoda Takpleekul (Yuuta) 2 Peace has received a Bronze Award in SIMOC 2022. Well done, Yuuta!

Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge (SIMOC) is a unique concept of mathematics competition which not only tests your ability to solve mathematical problems on pen and paper but also tests your ability to work as a team to play interactive mathematical games and solve puzzles.

3) Global Mathematics Elite Competition Thailand, International Final Round 2022
Congratulations to Pearl (2 Joy) and Porsche (5 Peace)! They have both received outstanding results in the recent Global Mathematics Elite Competition Thailand 2022.

Pimpisa Monatsathit (Pearl) 2 Joy was awarded; – Silver Prize for Mathematics

Pachara Monatsathit (Porsche) 5 Peace was awarded;
• Gold Prize for Mathematics
• Silver Prize for Math Olympiads
• 2nd Runner-up for Global Leaderboard

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