Primary Halloween

Oct 31, 2022 marked the start of Global Citizenship week at Singapore International School Suvarnabhumi. What better way to kick off the week than with the centuries-old tradition of Halloween. Students came together for morning assembly and showed off their fancy, sometimes “scary”, and very creative Halloween costumes. Haunting the halls of the morning assembly area were witches, vampires, characters from Star Wars and from Harry Potter, and other weird and wacky creatures. At lunch time, students munched on a spectacularly spooky donut treat sweetening the day for all. During Global Citizenship Week, the school community comes together to learn and honour the people who have made significant and positive contributions to our planet and to come to understand what it really means to be a Global Citizen. Students have been inquiring, collaborating, and learning about the greater world around them and broadening their understanding of what we can all do to improve the world for everyone.

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