Primary Global Citizenship Week

Oct 4th, 2022 marked the end of the Global Citizenship week at Singapore International School Suvarnabhumi. During the week, students from different classes and levels focused on an inquiry of a major global problem or of a person of interest that has made remarkable contributions to the world through their actions. The topics of inquiry were varied. One topic of inquiry was holidays, festivals and traditions around the world. Another topic was global warming and the effects on rainforest and habitats. Also, on the list of inquiries was the history of the three R’s (reducing, recycling and reusing) and key people in the world who contributed significantly to our global community. These key people were David Attenborough, Rob Greenfield and Greta Thunberg. Each class designed and produced an interactive learning board and the student body had the opportunity to participate in a gallery walk where they visited each class display. Students were focused intently on each topic of inquiry as they answered key questions in a booklet to help them focus on the key elements of each topic. We are glad that our primary students now have a much deeper understanding of what Global Citizenship is and what it takes to be a Global Citizen. Our Kindergarten students also participated in the gallery walk to learn about what their Primary seniors were researching on.

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