Primary Drama Fest

In its third year, the Primary Drama Fest has put up an ambitious production this time around. Titled “It Goes Without Saying”, this presentation of selected drama skits showcased storylines without a single line of dialogue in it. Its core concept is a show featuring the art of Mime. And it was exceptionally done by our young actors from the Gifted and Talented Drama Group.

The Upper Primary student-actors captured the essence of each storyline, from celebrating a teacher’s birthday with a prank in “The Tiny Teacher” to a battle between a cat and a cat burglar in “The Cat Came Back”. Several amusing short films starring Lower Primary student-actors tied up the whole production. With another drama production being prepared for Term 3, titled “The Monster Force”, this opening act in the Drama Fest was the perfect dish to whet the appetite of every theatre lover in SISB.

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