Prefects’ Investiture

October 21, 2022 marked an important day at Singapore International School Suvarnabhumi. In the school’s gymnasium, the Academic Year 2022-23 Prefects Investiture Ceremony commenced, welcoming SISB SV’s new student leaders and recognising prefects who will continue to serve in the role. Parents of the soon-to-be prefects and current prefects were in attendance and joined in the celebration. Opening remarks were given by Acting Principal Irene and was followed by a short presentation depicting some of the responsibilities and leadership training the prefects have undertaken over the past eight weeks. Students were then awarded their prefect ties identifying them as student leaders for this academic year. Head Prefect Chenxi from P5 Love then led the oath-taking by all prefects. The ceremony’s closing remarks came from the School director Ajarn Prim. The Prefects Investiture Ceremony is symbolic of the school’s efforts to provide leadership on many different levels across the school, which is in line with SISB’s School Vision that “Every student will aspire to be a Scholar, a Leader, and a Global Citizen.”

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