Musical Learning for Grade 7 Students

Grade 7 students at SISB Nonthaburi are making beautiful music as they embark on an exciting journey of learning to play the piano. It was a bright and sunny day filled with music, mirth and melodious notes.

In our music class, the students had the opportunity to unleash their creativity by composing their very own songs, and the sound of pianos filled the air as they played their compositions. 🎹🎶

One of the recent highlights was the ensemble play, where students came together to perform songs as a group, creating a symphony of beautiful sounds. The sweet melodies echoed through the music room, leaving everyone enchanted by the power of music. 🎵

What’s even more heartwarming is the sense of community in the classroom. During practice time, students supported one another, lending a helping hand when needed, and encouraging one another as they practised their music and played together. The camaraderie and teamwork displayed in the Grade 7 music class were truly heartwarming. 💓

This enriching experience is a testament to the power of music in bringing students together, fostering creativity, and building strong bonds. We look forward to witnessing their musical journey in the days ahead.

Stay tuned for more musical adventures with our talented Grade 7 students! 🌟🎹

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