Loy Krathong Festival Celebration (Primary)

One of the most beautiful festivals in Thailand is Loy Krathong. Loy Krathong is celebrated on the full moon day in November. The word “loy“ means to float, and a krathong is a vessel or cup made from banana leaves. People place a candle and incense sticks in their krathong and then float them on a local river or pond. As they push away their krathong, they ask for forgiveness for polluting the waterways and for good luck in the coming months. An awareness of our environment is a true mark of being a Global Citizen.

At SISB Suvarnabhumi, we celebrated this event by making Krathong and singing Loy Krathong songs. Teachers and students were encouraged to wear traditional Thai costumes to help celebrate this festive occasion. Students made their own krathong and decorated them with flowers, incense sticks and candles. Students were very happy to be able to bring their favourite flowers to their home to make their own krathong.

It was a very successful Loy Krathong celebration for everyone!

Thank you all for your support, and a special thanks to the Thai Department for organising this event.

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