Kindergarten 1 and 2 Project-Based Learning units in November focused on global citizenship and helping others. With the driving questions, “What does it mean to be a global citizen?” and “How can I become a global citizen?”, our Kindergarten students learnt and experienced lots about empathising with and helping others. Part of our unit comprised a Christmas Shoebox Appeal. Once our students had decided on 10 items to place in their shoeboxes, our appeal drew a huge response! K1 and K2 students, families and teachers joined hands to supply items and pack boxes for 165 children living in the Khlong Toey area of Bangkok.

Our students wrapped the boxes in paper that they designed themselves, and added personalised messages. On November 28 and 29, K2 students visited the Duang Prateep Foundation to personally deliver the shoeboxes to the children there. We are grateful that our students got to experience the act of helping and caring for others, and are truly thankful for the support of the entire SISB community for coming together and making this happen.

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