June Open House @ SISB Nonthaburi

On Sunday, June 18, SISB Nonthaburi warmly welcomed visitors to its final Open Day event of the academic year. The day was filled with excitement as participants had the opportunity to explore our brand new campus and witness the exceptional facilities available to our students.

The event commenced with informative presentations by our senior management team, providing insights into our school’s vision and values. Following this, guests embarked on guided tours to experience firsthand the world-class amenities and resources that enrich our students’ learning journey.

Our Open House attracted a diverse group of parents and their young children, particularly those interested in our nursery and kindergarten programmes. These families were treated to a wide range of engaging activities tailored to their little ones.

In the realm of English and Maths, students of various levels eagerly participated in interactive English games, an exciting spelling bee, and intriguing Maths challenges. The fields of science and technology were abuzz with enthusiasm as students and parents joined in scientific experiments, explored the capabilities of 3D printers, and engaged in programming robots.

Cultural diversity thrived at the event, with opportunities for students to immerse themselves in Chinese calligraphy, showcasing the beauty of this ancient art form. The art corner welcomed aspiring artists to unleash their creativity through a variety of artistic activities. Moreover, visitors were captivated by the impressive skills displayed by the SISB dance team.

Meanwhile, on the sports field, some students honed their footballing skills, demonstrating their passion for the game. The swimming pool, while preparing for an upcoming major competition, showcased our commitment to fostering excellence in sports.

Parents and students attending the Open Day gained valuable insights into SISB’s school values and witnessed our unwavering dedication to providing a holistic education. The event showcased our aspiration to be a world-class educational institution that nurtures the development of each student’s mind, body, and character.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants who joined us on this special day. We look forward to welcoming new students and families to the SISB Nonthaburi community, where learning knows no bounds.

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