🌏 The International Friendship Week, with the culminating Culture Tour on 2 March!

🤩It has been rewarding to observe the students’ excitement and creativity in decorating the Sixth Form classrooms and in crafting their performances for the day! Let us also use this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to all Class Teachers and Assistant Class Teachers for your unquestionable belief in and tireless support of your students, which is the strongest motivation for them, for your role modelling of optimism, resourcefulness, and commitment to “making the world a better place” by instilling tolerance and intercultural understanding. There is no doubt that the Primary School students, parents, and visitors who had been invited to celebrate different cultures would have been delighted. 🎉

The Culture Tour on 2 March marked the culmination of the action-packed International Friendship Week in the SISB Pracha Uthit Sixth Form School. The well-established format whereby each class was allocated a country to explore proved effective once again. However, classes could express their preferences in the allocation process, which increased their involvement. In connection to the PCCG topic for Term 2, classes were also requested to include the relevant areas of vocational guidance contextualised for the chosen countries in their classroom decorations and presentations.

Wearing national costumes, displaying flags and artifacts, decorating classrooms became an inalienable part of the event preparation, which brought a lot of fun and unleashed expected and spontaneous creativity. However, both planning and implementation had the essential goal of the event in mind, which was opportunities for all students to become aware of people representing other cultures in our changing and yet extremely interrelated world. It is our hope that such awareness will lead to the students’ increased understanding and appreciation of their own and other people’s cultural identity. Everyone’s voice matters if raised against injustice, racism, and xenophobia.

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