🌟🎨 International Dot Day Recap: SISB Nonthaburi’s Creative Triumph! 🎨🌟

We’re delighted to share the joy and creativity that marked our recent International Dot Day celebration! On Sept 15, our students, teachers, and staff united in a day of artistic expression and unity.

Here’s a snapshot of our memorable celebration:

Dot Art: Our students crafted stunning dot artworks, adorning our school with vibrant, imaginative pieces that truly embodied the spirit of Dot Day.

Dot Activities: Classrooms buzzed with excitement as students engaged in dot-themed puzzles, games, and creative challenges, fostering a day of both fun and learning.

Dot Attire: Students dazzled in their dot-themed outfits, showcasing their unique styles and creativity while adding a burst of colour to our festivities.

Community Collaboration: A monumental collaborative dot artwork, featuring contributions from all grade levels, symbolised our collective creativity and unity.

Dot Pledge: Students made their mark by taking the Dot Pledge, committing to embrace creativity and make a positive impact, a touching moment showcasing their determination.

Our gratitude goes to everyone who participated. As we reflect on this incredible celebration, we’re inspired by our students’ creativity.

SISB Nonthaburi’s International Dot Day was an overwhelming success, emphasising the power of even the smallest dot to create a remarkable impact.

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