HSK Certificate Award Ceremony

The HSK certificate of achievement has finally arrived after much anticipation on the part of students and parents. During morning assembly on Nov 2, SISB SV held a certificate presentation ceremony. The principal awarded certificates to all students who took part in this HSK test and the Primary students and teachers honoured the certificate holders with applause.

In the spirit of excellence, the entire SISB SV school community would like to thank every student who put forth great effort into their Chinese learning.

Congratulations to the following students on their excellent results in HSK which was held on Aug 21, 2022.

Rome (Natapat Promnopas) P2 Joy – 200/200 in HSK level 1
Kan (Kanyanut Imarom) P3 Love – 196/200 in HSK level 2
Mini (Minlanee Pipatanamongkol) P4 – 280/300 in HSK level 3

SISB would like to encourage all students to participate in the HSK next year and look forward to students achieving more excellent results.

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