End-of-Year Vision Outcome Award winners

In the spirit of excellence, the Primary Section would like to congratulate all End-of-Year Vision Outcome Award winners of Academic Year 2021-2022.

The Vision Outcome Award is an End-of-Year award awarded to three students in each Primary class who best exemplify the SISB vision – that every student will aspire to be a scholar, a leader and a global citizen.

The three Vision Outcome Award winners in each class were awarded the Scholar, Leader and Global Citizen certificates and book vouchers with a value of 300 THB.

We congratulate the following students on living out the SISB vision throughout the year.


P1 Love – Miao Miao, Aki, Hope

P1 Joy – Ai-oon, Miu, Wolf,

P1 Peace – Ray, Rada, Proud

P1 Hope – Ray, Weir, Xin

P1 Faith – Bhuri, Ava, Minnie

P1 Grace – Kaylee, Risa, Tham Tham

P2 Love – Tan Tan, Porsche, Lynn

P2 Joy – Mek, Snow, Gail

P2 Peace – Lada, Kiryu, Ming Ming

P2 Hope – Nina, Bua, Reina

P2 Faith – Ploy, Win Win, Tonpunn

P3 Love – Ingfar, Prateesh, Layla

P3 Joy – Julong, Natat, Minjae

P3 Peace – Kelly, Thun, Nana

P3 Hope – Peach, CK, Punn

P4 Love – Fuji, Ping, Nana

P4 Joy – Tekka, Dada, Pim

P4 Peace – Mika, Hanna, Prael

P5 Love – Tham, Feeya, Erin

P5 Joy – Hashi, Bene, Bao Bao

P6 Love – Alice, Tonkao, Arunnthathi

P6 Joy – Pat, Zen, Enya

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