Congratulations to Nahm (Panthira Polcharoen) for the EARCOS Global Citizenship Award

🏆 We would like to congratulate Nahm (Panthira Polcharoen), from G11 Aristotle, who is one of the recipients of the EARCOS Global Citizenship Award. To earn this award, the successful awardee must embrace qualities of a global citizen and have a good academic track record. Aligned with SISB’s vision, we want to groom students who embrace and respect not only their nation but the diversity of other global citizens. The awardee must also be fluent in at least two languages. With the trilingual focus in SISB, it is no surprise that Nahm managed to clinch this award. Besides the languages, Nahm demonstrated strong understanding of the interconnectedness between humans and ecological issues. She also consistently strived to be well informed of current issues, exhibited extraordinary leadership skills and stayed committed to her beliefs when she led her peers to the Mirror Foundation for her community involvement project.

From SISB 👏, we acknowledge and celebrate Nahm’s success in running her race with perseverance. 👍 Well done, Nahm!

You can view the other recipients of the award: 2023 Global Citizenship Award Winners (

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