Chinese New Year

SISB Nonthaburi celebrated the recent Chinese New Year with a range of activities for students in grades P1 to P6. The event was a fun and vibrant celebration of Chinese culture, and provided students with a great opportunity to learn about Chinese traditions and customs.

Students had the opportunity to dress up in traditional Chinese clothing or in the colour red, which is considered auspicious during Chinese New Year festivities. This provided students with an immersive experience that allowed them to fully appreciate and celebrate Chinese culture.

In the afternoon, there were a variety of activities for the students. One of these activities involved creating Chinese New Year cards that the students could take home and share with their families. This activity allowed the students to express their creativity and also helped to reinforce the importance of family and community during the Chinese New Year celebrations.

As a special treat, all students were given Ang Pao (a red envelope containing money). This is a traditional Chinese custom that symbolises good luck and prosperity, and it added an element of excitement to the event.

Overall, the Chinese New Year celebrations at SISB School Nonthaburi were a great success. The event provided a fun and educational experience for the students, while also reminding the students about school values, particularly being a Global Citizen.

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