Celebrating Triumph the SISB Nonthaburi Way!

At SISB Nonthaburi, we remain steadfast in our commitment to nurturing students who exemplify our core values of being a Scholar, Leader, and Global Citizen. Today, it is with immense pride that we highlight one of our exceptional students, Ting Ting, of Grade 7 Einstein, who embodies these values in every sense.

Ting Ting graced the stage at the esteemed Askra Theatre in Bangkok from Sept 8 to 11, as a participant in the Thailand Challenge Cup Dance Competition. Her performance was nothing short of remarkable, earning her a plethora of accolades:

🏆 1st Place: Ensemble Ballet 🏆 2nd Place: Ensemble Jazz 🏆 1st Place: Solo Ballet 🥇 Gold Medal: Any-style Jazz 🥈 Silver Medal: Solo Jazz 🥈 Silver Medal: Solo Hip-Hop 🥈 Silver Medal: Solo Contemporary

Ting Ting’s journey serves as a beacon of inspiration to those around her. Her dedication, relentless effort, and unwavering commitment to her craft are a testament to what can be achieved with passion and excellence as guiding principles.

As a school community, we commend Ting Ting for her exceptional achievements, exemplifying the essence of SISB Nonthaburi – a place where Scholars, Leaders, and Global Citizens are celebrated. Her story stands as an exemplar to inspire our entire student body to pursue their aspirations with determination and unwavering zeal.

We extend our warmest congratulations to Ting Ting! Your journey resonates with us all.

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