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Singapore International School Chiang Mai
30 June 2024

Job Description

The School Director shall be held accountable to him for administering the school’s academic programs and school activities including education systems as required by the government and all related laws in accordance with school policy and the school statements of philosophy and objectives, and under his supervision. The school director also works very closely with the principal and academic staff in all Thai matters, and the representation of Thai culture and language in the school community.

  1. Thai Education Act for Private Schools
  • Ensuring that all matters pertaining to Thai law, to the Thailand Education Act for Private Schools and to SOr Mor Sor are adhered to as closely as is possible, and as far as is reasonable, in an international school context.
  • Ensure that all documentation, including the bi-laws of SISB, is up to date.
  • Ensure that all documentation is review on an annual basis and that the management is fully informed of any significant changes.
  • Ensure that all staff meet the requirement of Thai law with regards to visa and work permits.
  • Ensure that the time given to the teaching of Thai and/or Thai culture satisfied the requirements of MOE.
  • Attend any meetings with the MOE which may be so required.
  • Represent the school at meetings of ONESQA.
  • Visit others school as a member of ONESQA.
  1. School outings and Field trips
  • Approve all school outings and field trips well in advance of due date.
  • Meet with staff involved (teachers, driver, nurse, etc) before a fieldtrip or outing to ensure full knowledge of all participants of what is entailed and what is expected.
  • Maintain appropriate means of communication with the school during the period of the outing or
    field trip.
  1. All legal and governmental matters and documents related to the new building
  • Advise the managing director of all local legal requirements and by laws relating to the new building and ensure that these are met.
  • Supervise on the number of classrooms and students as required by laws.
  1. Security Services
  • Maintain and publish a clear statement for the whole school community of the procedures and practices by which the security of the school is assured.
  • Carry out regular inspections of the school security services.
  • Recommend on safety issues to staff, teachers and students.
  1. Senior Management:
  • Participate the meeting and giving advice to Senior Management Team.
  • Take a part to solve any problem of all school business and activities.
  • Prepare necessary reports and assist the Senior Management Team as required.



  • Bachelor and Master’s degree in Education/Education Management
  • Required Experience as a School Administrative Management Position
  • Strong academic skills and knowledge of education systems and applicable laws & regulations.
  • Excellent leadership and management skills.
  • Excellent communication and people skills.
  • Being visible and accessible.
  • Passionate about learning and education development.